An Integral Vision
of Buddhism

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Buddhists Canons

Pāli Canon - Sutta Central

SuttaCentral contains early Buddhist texts, known as the Tipiṭaka or “Three Baskets”. This is a large collection of teachings attributed to the Buddha or his earliest disciples, who were teaching in India around 2500 years ago. They are regarded as sacred canon in all schools of Buddhism.

Chinese Canon - CBETA Online Reader

Develop Buddhist Information technology, improve the exchange and accessibility of Buddhist scriptures, use the special capacities of the electronic medium to store and deliver the scriptures of the Chinese Tripitaka to everybody, who would like to access it.

Tibetan Canon - 84000

84000’s primary focus for translation is the canonical Tibetan texts included in the Kangyur and Tengyur. At the moment, 84000 is concentrating on translations into English, as there are very few canonical texts available in the English language. Translations into other modern languages will be looked into when resources are available.

About us

We are dedicated to the translation of ancient Buddhist texts and influential modern teachers’ commentaries into English, Spanish and Portuguese.