Apologetics and Harmony in the Lotus Sūtra and Bhavya

Autores: Carmen Dragonetti y Fernando Tola

The “Śrāvakas” (ñan thos) of “the eighteen sects” (sde pa bco brgyad), as Bhavya names the first Buddhist movement in history (denomination for what was also called “Hīnayāna” by the Mahāyāna) negated that the Sūtras (i.e. the fundamental texts in which the teaching of the Mahāyāna is exposed) were written or spoken by the Buddha. This negation of the authenticity of the Mahāyāna Sūtras is frequently expressed in many Śrāvakayānist texts. In an article, that we published in Cahiers d’Extrême Asie, Kyoto, 1996-1997, under the title “The Conflict of Change in Buddhism: The Hīnayānist Reaction”, we have analyzed several texts that contain this Theravāda thesis.


Tola, F. & Dragonetti, C. (2007), “Apologetics and Harmony in the Lotus Sūtra and Bhavya”, Kokoro, Journal of the Essential Lay Buddhism Study Center, 2: 1-24.