Buddhism and Humanism

Autores: Carmen Dragonetti y Fernando Tola

Man is not only a being born to live in society, as Aristotle said (Politikón A, p. 1253 a 3); he is also a being born to acquire, communicate and accumulate knowledge. From the very moment he appeared on earth, man was condemned to learn and to teach. He had to learn how to kindle the fire for cooking his food, for warming himself in winter, for keeping off dangerous beasts, he had to learn to build a refuge to protect himself from weather and dangers of the forest and the nights, to get skins to cover his body, to manufacture tools and weapons in order to defend himself from the animals that disputed with him the space of survival and power.


Tola, F. & Dragonetti, C. (2008), “Buddhism and Humanism”, Kokoro: Journal of The Essential Lay Buddhism Study Center, 3: 1-30.