Ekam samayam

Autores: Fernando Tola y Carmen Dragonetti

Much has been written on the usual opening formula of the pāli suttas or sanskrit sūtras: evaṃ me sutam ekaṃ samayaṃ bhagavā (place name) viharati/evaṃ mayā śrutam ekasmin samaye bhagavān (place name) viharati sma. Is the temporal expression ekaṃ samayam (“once, at one time, on a certain occasion”) to be connected to the preceding or the following words? Both possibilities have their adherents and it seems that until now no agreement has been reached.


Dragonetti, C. & Tola, F. (1999), “Ekam samayam”, Indo-Iranian Journal, 42 (1): 53-55.