Positiveness in the Lotus Sūtra

Autor: Fernando Tola

His Holiness Pope John II, in his recent book Varcare la soglia della Speranza1, considers (I) that Buddhism is only a negative soteriology (II) that the Buddha’s Enlightenment is nothing else than the conviction of the world being evil and a source of suffering, (III) that, for Buddhism, the way to free oneself from suffering, i.e. from the evil that has its origin in the world, are detachment from the world and, as an effect of detachment, indifference in regard to the world; (IV) that of course Buddhism cannot admit that liberation comes from God, who represents the good, since Buddhism does not accept the existence of God; (V) that salvation, Nirvāṇa, is nothing else than indifference to the world, and (VI) that this is the culmination of the spiritual process.


Tola, F. (2000), “Positiveness in the Lotus Sūtra”, Journal of Institute for the Comprehensive Study of Lotus Sutra, 26: 35-62.