Buddhism and Justification of Violence

Autores: Fernando Tola y Carmen Dragonetti

The degree with which violence manifests itself in the history of humanity is terrific. History presents to us an uninterrupted succession of wars, invasions, conquests, accompanied by genocides, massacres, reductions to servitude and slavery, with their sequence of plunder, robbery, spoliations, and which have left a sad balance: an enormous human suffering. Among these forms of violence the most extreme and permanent is conquest. Through it a people stronger thanks to its technology, political organization, economical resources, cultural progress, and inspired by motivations such as greediness, ambition, fanaticism, dogmatism, intolerance, aggressivity, imposes upon another its authority and will.


Tola, F. & Dragonetti, C. (2001), “Buddhism and Justification of Violence”, Hokke- Bunka Kenkyū, 27: 63-100.