Nāgārjuna’s Catustava

Autores: Fernando Tola y Carmen Dragonetti 

In the Tibetan Buddhist Canon a series of hymns2 attributed to Nāgārjuna, the founder of the Madhyamaka school of the Mahāyāna Buddhism, has been preserved. In the Madhyamakaśāstrastuti of Candrakīrti3 (VII Century A.D.) stanza 10, in the list of the eight treatises ascribed to Nāgārjuna, we find one entitled saṃstuti (bstod pa in the Tibetan translation), which is a generic term to designate the hymns (stava, stotra) and which J. W. de Jong translates by “les Louanges”.


Tola, F. y C. Dragonetti (1985), “Nāgārjuna’s Catustava”, Journal of Indian Philosophy 13: 1-54.