On Śuddhamati’s Pratītyasamutpādahṛdaya-kārikā and on Boddhicittavivaraṇa

Autora: Carmen Dragonetti 

1. I thank Prof. CH. LINDTNER for the comments he makes in Adversaria Buddhica I. WZKS 26 (1982) 167-172, on my article The Pratītyasamutpādahṛdayakārikā and the Pratītyasamutpādahṛdayavyākhyāna of Śuddhamati, published in the same Journal 22 (1978) 87-93. As the excellent knower of Tibetan literature that he is, he has gathered new most valuable testimonies on the authorship of PK, but unfortunately these testimonies, in my opinion, not only do not support the attribution of PK to Nāgārjuna, but, on the contrary, corroborate the arguments I have proposed against its authenticity, as I shall try to show by the observations that follow.


Dragonetti, C. (1986), “On Śuddhamati’s Pratītyasamutpādahṛdaya-kārikā and on Boddhicittavivaraṇa”, Wiener Zetschrift für die Kunde Südasiens und Archiv für indische Philosophie XXX: 109-122.