Āryabhavasaṃkrāntināmamahāyānasūtra. The Noble Sūtra on the Passage Through Existences

Autor: Fernando Tola

The original Sanskrit text of the Bhavasaṃkrāntisūtra has not been preserved. There exist three Chinese translations of it: Taishō 575, 576 and 577 (Nanjio 285, 284 and 526 respectively; Répertoire, p. 61), which were respectively done by Bodhiruci (who lived in China between 508 and 537), Buddhaśānta (who worked in China between 525 and 539) and I Ching (635-713). There is also a Tibetan translation, Tōhoku 226, Catalogue 892, due to Jinamitra, Dānaśīla and Ye-śes sde. Several fragments from the Sanskrit text are extant either in the form of quotations or included in other texts, in both cases with slightly different readings. See notes 17, 18, 24, 27, 28, 29, 34 and 36.


Tola, F. & Dragonetti, C. (1986), “Āryabhavasaṃkrāntināmamahāyānasūtra. The Noble Sūtra on the Passage Through Existences”, Buddhist Studies Review, 3 (1): 3- 18.