The Conflict of Change in Buddhism: The Hīnayānist Reaction

Autores: Fernando Tola y Carmen Dragonetti

Whatever may be the sect or sects out of which Mahāyāna developed, whatever may be the causes that produced that development, and whatever may be the form assumed by that development, it is obvious that the new doctrines that were to constitute the Mahāyāna had necessarily to produce reactions on both sides: in those who were introducing the new doctrines, in regard to those who kept adhering to the traditional ideas; and in those who were attached to tradition, in regard to those who were promoting the change.


Dragonetti, C. & Tola, F. (1996), “The Conflict of Change in Buddhism: the Hīnayānist Reaction”, Cahiers d ́Extrême Asie. Revue bilingüe de l ́École Française d ́Extrême Orient, 9(II) : 233-254.