Misticismo y Yoga

Autores: Carmen Dragonetti y Fernando Tola

The authors of this note expose some reflections suggested by the article of Prof. Galen K. Pletcher, published in the American Philosophical Quarterly X, 3, July, 1973. Prof. Pletcher holds out the thesis that the contradictory expressions employed by mystics to describe their experience and the character of ineffability they ascribe to it are due only to the fact that they do not possess an adequate conceptual system; if they possessed one, they would be able to describe their experience. The authors of this note manifest that this explanation cannot be applied to the yogic mystic experience, which is produced at the moment of the total repression of mental processes, because if the mind, at that moment, is not working any more, it avails nothing to offer it any adequate conceptual system. They think also that the idea that the mystic interpret their experience according to their own religious beliefs finds a strong argument in the fact that the Yoga, as a method, is used by different philosophical schools, each of which interprets the final state, which they reach by that method, according to the own philosophical postulates.


Dragonetti, C. & Tola, F. (1975), “Misticismo y Yoga”, Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía, Buenos Aires, I (1): 61-63.