Emperor Ashoka: The Messenger of Love and Peace

Autora: Carmen Dragonetti

Undoubtedly Emperor Ashoka is one of the most important rulers not only in Indian history but in that of the entire world’s history. During a span of forty years (272-232 B.C.) he governed an immense, powerful, and well-organized kingdom which he had inherited from his grandfather Chandragupta (fl.c.321 – c.298 B.C.) and his father Bindusara [Página 43] (d.273 B.C.) and enlarged himself. Ashoka’s kingdom was comprised of almost the totality of the Indian peninsula and large areas in the west given up to Chandragupta by Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals and heirs of Alexander the Great. We know of Ashoka’s history from the Buddhist chronicles and in particular from a magnificent collection of inscriptions that has come to us from him.


Dragonetti, C. (1979), “Emperor Ashoka: The Messenger of Love and Peace”, Dharma World, Tokyo, 6: 43-48.