Works by Ven. Master Yinshun

Master Yin Shun (印順導師, Yìnshùn Dǎoshī) (12 March 1906 – 4 June 2005) was the most influential Buddhist monk and scholar in the tradition of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism of modern time. 


by Ven. Master Yinshun

Human-Centered Buddhism

What is Buddhism? How will it adapt to Western culture and still be Buddhism? What does it have to offer people living a twenty-first century modern life? In this book, the eminent Chinese Buddhist Master Yinshun gives us some answers.

The Significance of the Chinese Tripiṭaka in World Buddhism

The main objective of the World Buddhist Fellowship is to link the various schools of Buddhism from all corners of the world.

The Significance of the Southern Tradition Tipiṭaka to Chinese Buddhism

Layman Wu Laoze mentioned that Venerable Pumiao at Kaoshiung City is leading a project to translate the Southern Tradition’s Tipiṭaka into Chinese.